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  • How To Contribute to Swiz
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How to contribute bug fixes and new features

If you are updating the current version:

The easiest way to contribute to Swiz is to commit your changes via Git. Just create your own fork of the develop branch. Alternatively, you can create individual patches in Git to target specific bugs. If you've gone the route of updating a fork (recommended), all you need to do is submit a pull request via GitHub. The next step is to let us know by sending the following information to the Swiz team:

  • URL for your forked repository / or Git patch
  • Detailed description of your intent
    • What did you do?
    • Why did you do it?
  • Test Cases / Unit Tests - While test cases are optional but they will assist in getting your changes committed. If you provide unit tests, you're awesome.

If you are updating a version prior to 1.0:

Please don't. But if you must, you should use Subversion (SVN) to create a patch. Unfortunately, we can't guarantee patches for pre-1.0 versions will be accepted.

How to contribute documentation

If you've written a blog entry or recorded a presentation that you think would be helpful for the Swiz community, let us know. We can add the content to the wiki, merge it into the official Swiz documentation or just promote it.

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  1. Anonymous

    I've written a short article about using Swiz in AS3 projects here:


  2. Anonymous

    We have written an example about using Swiz in Flex 4. It's split up into two post, they can be found here: