What is Swiz?

Swiz is a framework for Adobe Flex, AIR, and Flash that aims to bring complete simplicity to RIA development. Swiz provides:

  • Inversion of Control / Dependency Injection
  • Event handling
  • A simple life cycle for asynchronous remote method invocations
  • A framework that is decoupled from your application code
  • Compatibility with both Flex and non-Flex AS3 projects

In contrast to other major frameworks for Flex, Swiz:

  • Imposes no JEE patterns on your code
  • No repetitive folder layouts
  • No boilerplate code on your development
  • Does not require you to extend framework-specific classes

Swiz represents best practices learned from the top RIA developers at some of the best consulting firms in the industry, enabling Swiz to be simple, lightweight, and extremely productive.


The latest released version is 1.4.0. All 1.x releases have been archived here.

Release notes can be found here: Swiz Release Notes

The latest code can always be found on GitHub at http://github.com/swiz/swiz-framework/.

Visualizing Swiz

Sometimes pictures can help solidify an idea better than words can. With that in mind, here are basic representations of two core Swiz features: dependency injection and event handling.

Dependency Injection

Event Handling

A Little Help Here?

If you have any questions please join the mailing list. You can also find Swiz on Twitter and Swiz on Facebook.

Swiz is provided under the Apache License 2.0