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Welcome to the Swiz User Guide!

Please select a subsection from the menu to view more details about how Swiz works.

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  1. Anonymous

    Guys, Can somebody please provide a PDF version of the user's guide, or better yet add feature to download the current Wiki in PDF or HTML format?

    1. I've added HTML and PDF export option links to the global sidebar. Hope that helps.

      1. Anonymous

        Hey Brian,

        Thanks! That was quick.


  2. Anonymous


    I exported the wiki to PDF and the first thing I noticed was the sample code was missing from the exported PDF.

    You might want to fix it or let me know if there was something that I didn't do right.


    1. Hi Rishik, it looks like Confluence's PDF generator does not pull in the Gists. So it looks like you'll want to export it as HTML until they fix that.

  3. Anonymous

    I made a PDF version myself <Ctrl>+C <Ctrl>+V style: MS Word printing to PDF with PDFCreator. =(

    1. Why didn't you just click the "Export Wiki as PDF" link in the left menu? Would have saved you a lot of time.